Here I will post some updates about what I am up to along with some photos and general information about the life of a photographer.

Teaching photography at Tonbridge School

This week I am teaching photography - film, dark room, digital, photo shop and all sorts of fun things to a group of 14.

Everyone entered the classes a little unsure of what to expect and after just one day they have all gone away excited about the next day and what we are going to do next, we covered shooting to film, how to develop your film and using the darkroom, but tomorrow we will be using the chemicals and getting started on some prints, also we shot to several DSLR's using the natural light and depth of filed to create some great nature shots.

you can see the courses and the link below.

It's been some time since I last shot to film and I think it's just as exciting for me as it is for the students.

Must admit though being called 'Sir' takes a little getting used to.