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Video Services


It all started when...

Actually as some of you may know I am in a band, I play guitar and during my time I have also been a VJ for live bands and Dj's at festivals and clubs in London, this involved shooting lots of creative footage and mixing it to create interesting and stimulating visuals I could use for performance.

While shooting weddings I noticed the need for video and it can cost as much as the photography so I decided to offer it to my brides and grooms as an add on, I do not profess to be the next Ron Howard or Steven Spielberg but I do a good job, obviously shooting weddings is very different from doing a commercial shoot, but if you are looking for presentable high quality footage then we can help. 

Below is a little video I did for a band I know called Shrunken Heads, this was one shoot, then a quick edit to produce a nice little video for what is a great track.

The second video is not for those of a faint disposition, a great band called Cardboard Hit asked me to create a video for one of their tracks, I came up with the concept, shot it, edited it and really like the resulting video.