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I think with any walk of life if you have a passion for what you are doing you will exceed, photography offers this, along with the improvements in technology that actually work hand in hand with the creative eye, photography is a passion that will always offer new ground to cover, it’s this continuing progression of subject, environment and interpretation fires that passion.


Yes we do have a studio so we are not just wedding photographers, we can shoot commercial, portraits, boudoir, creative, vintage, kids, portfolio, actors well just about anything.

Tonbridge Photography Studio

And we can provide tuition to new photographers.

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I won’t ramble on for too long although I do think it’s a good idea if you understand my background and how I became interested, or realized I was what some call a photographer.

Ever since I can remember I carried a camera with me, even if it was a disposable Kodak! as a young man out with my friends, it was me who ended up capturing our days out, people and places we had encountered and then popping the film in the envelope to send off for developing, then I received free films back, this only encouraged me to shoot more, and guess what?  the developers used to put stickers on the photos, over exposed, shutter speed too slow and so on, it was like a distance learning course.

I learnt to play guitar when in my teenage years and started playing in bands, as responsibilities change so do your hobbies and pastimes, being in a band was restrictive in that you had to get several people in the same place at the same time, I needed something that I could do at the drop of a hat, therefore I moved into visuals for bands, this is called VJing, it involves live mixing visuals to compliment whatever the bands performance is putting out.

While being involved in this there were many photo opportunities available to me and more and more my excitement was about the pictures I would get rather than the visual performance, it was only then I remembered as a child looking through the catalogue and selecting a ‘make your own camera kit’ when I was only 11 years old, the realization that my childhood passion was put on the shelf for some time was quite an emotional one I can tell you.

To cut a long story short, this progressed to full frame digital capture, until I realized, this was photography!

Unobtrusive, natural, unique, that’s what I look for.





Jemma came to me as a bride, and a music lover, we became friends and over time (after shooting her wedding and her sisters wedding I asked he if she was interested in teaming up with me to shoot more.

After an initial period of playing it safe Jemma now holds her own and works with me on a regular basis.

Jemma is easy to get on with, fun, has no stress cracks anywhere regardless of the situation Jemma keeps her cool and is a joy to have around.



Guest signing prints 

Below is a gallery of various large format signing prints we have produced over a few years (just some of them) this is a much nicer idea than a guest book as our clients have them framed after and put them on the wall for all to see.

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