Here I will post some updates about what I am up to along with some photos and general information about the life of a photographer.

Wedding fairs

I shoot lots of weddings as part of my week to week tasks, in fact it is a core part of my business, when I am shooting weddings people come up and say 'I love photography, I would love to do what you do' they have no idea.

I love it as well, really love it, and to me it's a huge compliment everytime I am booked to share someones day and capture what I beleive to be the essance of the day for them to remember forever.

But how do I get weddings? well mainly from word of mouth and wedding fairs, this is where I suffer greatly, today yet another local wedding fair is unaccessable to me, this means that I am unaccessable to brides and grooms, why? well because the people who used to run the wedding fair stopped doing it and the venue took over, the venue have contacts with a couple of photographers who are offered the place at the wedding shows before even going public with it.

Of course they are never going to give up their slot and let another photographer in, so just like many other venues that already operate on the same basis I am unable to tell people what I do.

Brides and grooms attend thinking they will see somethingdifferent and they are actally experiencing the same providers as the couples did the year before, and the year before that.

And it really is important that a couple meet their potential photographer before booking after all the personalities must work together firstly then the photography follows.

So I am trying to work out how I can create a seminar for couples to attend to hear about my work, find a location, and an interesting presentation on weddings I have shot.

then I also offer a free pre booking shoot, so the couples know they have found the right person to share their day.

If you would like to see some examples of this then just pop me an email.

for now, thanks for reading and if you know any locations looking to team up with a great photographer then let me know..