Here I will post some updates about what I am up to along with some photos and general information about the life of a photographer.

Big Garden Birdwatch January 2017 Sundridge Sevenoaks

Well it's been a while since my last Blog, not because I have not been bothered but because November and December had me very busy indeed resulting in around 10.000 images and hours upon hours of footage to go through, well I am mostly up to date now and today had a nice few hours with my wife Bird watching in the garden.

Above are a few of the shots I took using a Canon 6d and a 28-300 mm L series lens, now believe it or not 300 mm is just not enough length for this type of photography unless you can get pretty close and we decided as it was freezing cold to sit in the patio door just inside so the resulting images are not bad considering.

My favorite shots are the ones where the birds are in motion, most of these were shot at around 1/1800 -2000 second as a shutter speed so it just shows how fast these guys move.

In fact I enjoyed this so much, though I think in the summer, when its warm and I am in a tee shirt with a cold drink it's probably more my preferred environment, I will get something 500 mm or longer to have another go.

This is the thing about photography, there is always another area to discover.

Thanks for reading.


Sevenoaks Family Portrait Knole Park

Here are a few shots from what was a pre wedding photo shoot, that turned into a nice family photo shoot in Knole Park grounds Sevenoaks, The deer were rutting, the air was fresh, and the colours were beautiful.

If you are looking for an idea Christmas gift idea nothing lasts like a family photo shoot, a fun enjoyable experience with everlasting images to remember the day.

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#Family photo shoot Sevenoaks 

Kent Portrait Photography

Just 8 shots from the 99 image gallery provided to this client for what was a portrait shoot for social media and website images.

I can't help myself, I am also probably the worst businessman there is, above are 8 images from a gallery produced for this client of 99 images, this was a website and social media shoot that became a little more, I really can't help myself sometimes and if I am there doing the head shots, why not do a few more different styles?

Anyway, in business these days it pays to present a human image rather than the bog standard head & shoulders in a suit, in fact presenting yourself and a true interpretation of who you are and what your personality is the way forward, lets face it why trust someone just because they have a suit and sit in an office, many of the directors and CEO's I shoot are dressed very casual expressing that human side and it's not just because of the position in the company, so perhaps casual is the new power dressing.

This shoot cost the client a total (no VAT to add) of £225 and she gets two sets of images, one set of high resolution files that can be printed as canvas or blown up to poster size and another all web ready, all edited one by one.

If you are looking for that special portrait especially with Christmas coming, then why not give me a call to discuss your needs.